Are you ready to UNLEASH the SHEER POWER of
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I want you to ask yourself a question

What is the very first thing you do when you log into Facebook?
Well if you're like 90% of the people in the world you see that little red notification number and you click it. You see Facebook has trained people to click to view their notifications, they do it without even thinking!

Now anyone can tap into this compulsive behavior and use it to send messages to their contacts in a way traditional email marketing just can't deliver!

Let's be honest, traditional email list building can be such a pain! With things like double opt in, spam filters, the auto responder company's telling you what you can and can't send, bounce rates and people signing up with fake email addresses, it's no wonder that email marketers are happy with getting a 18% or 19% open rate. That's crazy! With a 19% open rate that means that 81% of the emails you send are never even read by anyone 81% of your list is totally wasted! Are you going to be happy with 81% of your marketing efforts being a total waste?

Notification Pro eliminates ALL of these issues!

By using one click sign up with Facebook you get their real email address and the ability to send them Facebook notification messages any time you want. We even have built in auto responder capability that lets you pre set notification sequences that go out totally on auto pilot. You can use the included drag and drop app builder to create awesome in Facebook sales pages and link your notifications to them, or you can make your notifications redirect the user to any website or URL you want.

All it takes is 3 Easy Steps!

Create custom facebook connect buttons that let your contacts opt-in with a single click.

Build awesome sales pages and landing pages that display right inside of facebook, even on mobile devices.
Use facebook app notifications to direct your contacts to your landing pages and get conversions that email marketing just can't deliver.
Notification PRO is a fully hosted Facebook auto responder on steroids which means there is nothing for you to download or install. You can use it from anywhere you have internet access and it is automatically updated with new features regularly as customers request them (you never have to wait for the next / new version).

Put your sign ups anywhere

With Notification PRO's text link sign up you can put your sign up / opt in button anywhere you want. Even places you could not put a normal optin form such as in your email signatures or web forums.

How well does it work?

As a test we sent out just 200 notifications to people that didn't buy a different product of ours. We directed them to a custom in Facebook landing page that we made with the included drag and drop builder that has a JVZoo purchase button on it. The results were AMAZING!
- Out of the 200 notifications that we sent 190 of the people opened and read them.
- Of that 190 that opened, 164 people clicked the notifications link
- Of that 164 people that clicked, 29 people purchased! And these were people who chose not to purchase in the first place!
So In Summary: Our test notification got a 95% open rate and 86% click rate and generated $783 in gross sales. From NON BUYERS!

What are Customers Saying?

Are you ready to build and engage a list like
never before? Are you ready to CASH IN with the
POWER of Facebook notifications?

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